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dead media kittyIS IT PREMATURE
to compare mix-making to dying arts like blacksmithing or millinery? Probably. But when Barrett proposed an old-fashioned mix-trading club a month ago, I was giddy. I bombed friends with comps back when they took hours to create. Now it’s appallingly cheap—sequencing and burning a CD takes less than 60 seconds; there may be love there, but not much labor.

For old-school skills to survive, you have to make sport of it. I got a turntable with a USB output, so I can eat up time converting vinyl tracks to include. There are little challenges like repping music from five or more decades, going for gender balance (if not equity), and floating some highly improbable juxtapositions. Here’s what I came up with: Download Adult Contemporary Mixtape Club #1: Vegan Safari.

01    Nobody But Me  – The Human Beinz
02    We Are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon – Let’s Wrestle
03    Feet and Bones – Trampled By Turtles
04    Is It True – Brenda Lee
05    Dixon’s Girl – Dessa
06    Work – Gang Starr (R.I.P. Guru)
07    Action – Oh No
08    Academy Fight Song – Mission of Burma
09    Die Right Now – Lemonheads
10    Mambo Sun – T. Rex
11     Subtractions – Dosh
12    Tortoise Pace – Memory Tapes
13    I’m So Green – Can
14    Getting Nasty – Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm
15    I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles
16    Balcony Beach – Latyrx
17    The Style You Haven’t Done Yet – Boogie Down Productions
18    Half of Two Times Two – Barr
19    Mother of Pearl (edit) – Roxy Music
20   Paris 1919 – John Cale
21    Love Rules – Pens
21    Anyway You Like It – Holly Golightly
22    Old Enough – Nelly McKay
23    Golden Apples – Country Teasers

  1. Matt Nelson said:

    Downloading now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marc said:

    Spectacular. Copyrights be damned.

  3. Jake said:


  4. Barrett said:

    Thanks for kicking this thing off in style. It’s on constant rotation in my car right now.

  5. Jake said:

    ^ Nice. I’m really looking forward to future installments.

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