Monthly Archives: November 2012

WE’RE CONSUMED BY TRANSITIONAL EMERGENCIES both tedious (where to put the boxes) and terrifying (a late-season influx of bats).

So this quick one before I lose another a month: a belated love-note to the neighborhood we called home until September.

Drafting a local Bingo Board has been on my list since at least 2009 (along with “Renegade Bible Bookmarks” and “90s Night” podcasts). I guess I needed to relocate to see Longfellow with clear eyes. The beauty and character of a lot of South Minneapolis, that’s there for sure, but it’s the stubborn homeliness that charmed me—a place unassuming yet unabashedly itself, where change can only be measured in decades.

On a good day, you could blackout this Bingo card in three blocks. Though it would be very Longfellow to stretch the game over several years and have its final completion continually in doubt.

Goodbye, old ‘hood. I’m gonna miss you (if not quite yet, then as soon as I’m fighting for a parking space in a Snow Emergency).

> People Under the Stairs – Talkin’ Back to the Streets