Monthly Archives: January 2012

ITEMS OF INTEREST proliferate now that my camera is a phone (and I’m never without it). With no news or narrative to share, I’ll just leave these here.

Islamic window carving

Closed caption errors

Witt’s videos for “Nov 14-20”

Johanna drawing

Mug from my mom

Xacto slices

Our hellish linoleum

Bucket lifts on Minnehaha

70’s Op Art fabric














Thursday night Dude Doodles

New Bill Viola piece at the M.I.A.

14th floor sunset








>> Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Nomadic Revery (All Around)



+ This is Minnesota’s warmest January in recorded history (OK, it was fun while it lasted)

+ Obama’s presumed opponent is a snide Wall Street 1%er who can’t attack health care reform—go GOP!

+ After 13 months of exacting labor, my largest (and arguably most rewarding) project launched this week

+ We’re at a point where 99% of all moderately amusing ideas now have a Tumblr

+ Minneapolis is testing curbside organic waste pickup and this recycling nerd is psyched

+ Johanna’s almost run out of titles from my least favorite kids’ book series of all time

+ They’re reopening the public school next door in 2013 thanks to Sarah’s epic perseverence

+ Despite years of resistance (and sound reasons), I suddenly have an iPhone

+ I will visit a Chuckie Cheese’s for the first time this week (as a parent or otherwise) …

+ At least I know what I’m wearing

>> Talking Heads – Warning Sign