Volume X in a series of stuff I’m enjoying on Mp3 (streaming music is just too intangible, maaaan) floating somewhere in a 3-D space defined by Throwback, Dad and New axes. Earlier volumes here, here and here.

> Download WASP MILK <

01 White Magic – Hiding My Nightingale
02 Parables of Neptune – Bumblebee
03 Sneaks – Hair Slick Back
04 Josef K – Heart of Song
05 Pylon – Cool
06 Swizzymack – Deez Hands (f. Quinta B)
07 A Tribe Called Quest – Kids (f. Andre 3000)
08 Goodie Mob – Cell Therapy
09 The Flamin’ Groovies – Don’t Put Me On
10 The Kinks – Strangers
11 Arthur Lee – Everybody’s Gotta Live
12 Modest Mouse – All Night Diner
13 Wilco – King of You
14 Concrete Blonde – I Don’t Need a Hero
15 Sinéad O’Connor – Old Lady
16 Tacocat – Men Explain Things to Me
17 Great Grandpa – Cheeto Lust
18 Cass McCombs – Run Sister Run
19 The Who – La-La-La Lies
20 The Monkees – Cuddly Toy
21 Thee Oh Sees – At the End, On the Stairs
22 Art of Noise – A Time for Fear (Who’s Afraid)

SignsI’M OFFICIATING MY SISTER’S NUPTIALS this weekend using credentials I bought for $25 on the internet. The event is giving me overwhelming feels I don’t have words for (hopefully they’ll arrive in time for the ceremony).

I’ve gathered a set of songs for the occasion. Not anyone’s idea of a wedding mix. More a way to summon joy, tears and chills on demand, when they can be controlled.

$ # $ # $ # $ # $ # $ # $ # $

Download UNITWEEN (6/30/2016).

01 Ramsey Lewis – Cry Baby Cry
02 Thao & the Get Down Stay Down – Astonished Man
03 Shopping – In Other Words
04 Is/Is – Loose Skin
05 The Db’s – Neverland
06 Clean – Anything Can Happen
07 Lee Moses – Time and Place
08 Zombies – Maybe After He’s Gone
09 Roxy Music – The End of the Line
10 Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst)
11 Stargard – Which Way Is Up
12 Beyoncé feat. Jack White – Don’t Hurt Yourself
13 Grip Grand – Holding My Breath
14 Action Bronson & Meyhem Lauren – Mr. 2 Face
15 Kendrick Lamar – untitled 02 | 06.23.2014.
16 ESG – My Love for You
17 Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Bottled in Cork
18 Frightened Rabbit – Old Old Fashioned
19 PJ Harvey – The Community Of Hope
20 Xenia Rubinos – Lonely Lover
21 Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan – Circles
22 Quasi – Skeleton

CXatw9BUAAAgKsi (1)ANOTHER LONELY YEAR BEGINS ON THE OBSOLETE INTERNET. Not even crickets to serenade us here in Blogland/ Most of our action’s happening in meatspace anyhow. This week we were gobsmacked to learn Sarah has an older brother — secretly put up for adoption in ’65, now a warm and enormous firefighter living in Provo with six kids of his own. She’s off to Portland to meet him for the first time. They know he’s the real thing because he loves bargains and can hold a practiced smile through hundreds of photos. / Meanwhile, we are maybe going to win a large grant to build a skill-sharing pavilion in Downtown Minneapolis, which is a textbook illustration of the Fuck-Yeah-Oh-Fuck theorem of creative enterprise. (UPDATE: We lost) / A sprawling manuscript for Steve Davis’s John Brown: The Fighting Farmer hit my inbox this week to be made into a book, only three years late. / I’m convinced Johanna is the 9-year-old Charlie Rose and needs her own podcast, like everyone in 2016. We’re calling it Truth or Dessert.

tumblr_nmcpwgTSiR1qzk2apo1_500WE’RE HITTING A RHYTHM these swampy, swamped summer weeks.

Sarah is aggressively organizing neighbors against the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, which lobbied to tear down the perfectly functional public housing project in our backyard (one of the country’s oldest) and sell it to private developers. Her alliance of tenants and homeowners is winning for the moment. Though now MPHA is like, “Okay, YOU find a solution for long-term maintenance” and none of us know what that looks like. Sarah is two-for-two in preventing local government from demolishing community assets (glad she’s on my team). Meanwhile, I’m flogging grain-free bread, debt-free business financing and stereotype-free teacher training. It’s the kind of variety and volume I thrive on (leaving me too busy to wonder what the hell it all means). I’m dotting i’s and crossing t’s right up ’til 5pm today, when we drop everything and head for Iceland, Holland and Germany for 21 days.

Having signed my own Will this week, I feel ready for anything.


Love & Mercy (a story of two lovable, troubled Brian Wilsons)

Page One: Inside the New York Times (featuring David Carr, “that most human of humans”)

What Happened, Miss Simone? (come for the music, stay for her dancing)

Dinkytown Uprising (Not yet released, but Lucas got a copy from the filmmaker — about the 1969 local protest movement to prevent a corporate burger chain from opening on 4th Street. It was shot mostly by the documentary filmmaker himself, now in his 90s; we enjoyed it at double speed, Chipmunks-style.)

Mad Max: Fury Road (At Jenney’s urging, I caught this in a suburban theater in a recliner with a cocktail; the best-most-boneheaded thing I never knew I needed)


Ta-Nehisi Coates — The Case for Reparations (Atlantic)

Paul Ford — What Is Code? (Bloomberg News)


The Raincoats — No One’s Little Girl

Beach Boys – I’m Waiting for the Day

Pavement – Give It A Day

Camper Van Beethoven — Jack Ruby

Dusty Springfield – Warten and Hoffen

Wir sehen uns im nächsten Monat!

NIGHTGYMSOMETIMES YOU WANT TO GO WHERE NOBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME. To flex before a wall of mirrors unjudged and unjudging. You will not be checked in or asked out or told to Spot me, Bro. It’s just you and CSI reruns on silent mode, your ears filled with grunts and longing. Each triumph or shame is private. In fluorescent isolation, selfness evaporates. All is material, mechanical… A rank duffle. A lone free weight. You are wet meat strung taut over last year’s machines.

Download NIGHT GYM (Mp3).

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* * * *** * * * *** * * * *** * * * ***

01 Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Ain’t No Sunshine
02 Shannon & The Clams – Gremlins Crawl
03 Ex Hex – Don’t Want to Lose
04 The Raincoats – Running Away
05 Donny Hathaway – Jealous Guy (Live)
06 Them – My Little Baby
07 Foxygen – Mattress Warehouse
08 Young Fathers – Rain or Shine
09 Jonwayne – Time Trial
10 Son Lux – Let Go
11 The Raveonettes – Sisters
12 Teddy Robin & The Playboys – Fever
13 The Soft Boys – Only the Stone Remain
14 The Red Crayola – Hurricane Fighter Plane
15 The Slits – So Tough
16 Shabazz Palaces – Gunbeat Falls
17 Lizzo – Bus Passes and Happy Meals
18 Kate Tempest – The Truth
19 Frank Black – You Ain’t Me
20 The Dave Clark Five – Good Love Is Hard to Find
21 Fugazi – Life and Limb
22 Parkay Quarts – Pretty Machines
23 Trans Am – Night Shift

 m1ta665I HAVE SERIOUS SKEPTICS IN MY MIDST. Not rainy-day naysayers like me, but the advanced kind: people so far down the rabbit hole of mistrust that any widely-held conclusion is a flimsy alibi begging to be blown up. Spend too long in their hot house of doubt and the suspicion is contagious.

It’s not like I’m some sheep. I question authority and assume hidden motives. But some things seem beyond argument: the efficacy of childhood immunization, for example, or the need to alter our behavior in the face of climate change. When terrible shit happens, why jump to an evil conspiracy of corporate/government/Illuminati-backed monsters? Incompetence or stupidity is so much likelier.

Yet here they are, seeds of doubt, planted by people who I know to be intelligent (if obsessive and not always reasonable). My father in law, our contractor-in-residence for the past week, gleefully debunked every argument I had in my (admittedly tiny) arsenal in favor of alternative energy and against continued reliance on oil. Solar and wind power are not young technologies with a long way to go, he says. Not at all. They are corrupt government boondoggles enriching well-placed criminals (George Soros is a favorite of his) while threatening animals and even people (“ask a pilot: solar arrays blind and kill”).

Is wishful thinking clouding my judgment? Do I lack for facts? Are facts even relevant anymore? Am I paranoid enough?

Among many myth-busting conversations of late, one that sticks with me is about Flight 370. For 29 days, it seemed plausible to me that a state-of-the-art jet equipped with all manner of transponders, GPS and backed-up back-up systems, could tracelessly fade into oblivion. But after a boozy late-night talk with my friend Aaron, I feel naive. He points to what others claim is undeniable evidence of a coverup. By 11pm I’m half-way buying that we’re not getting the full truth. Then Aaron tells me that three Chinese owners of a priceless semiconductor patent were on the flight. The only other owner is an American with high-level government influence. So that monster called in the hit and the U.S. cloaked the whole deal so we alone can exploit the technology.

Well, duh.

>> Download a new mix, “Normcore Omniverse”

The Cool Kids – Freak City (Outro)
Latyrx – Watershed Moment (f. GIft of Gab & Merrill Garbus)
Annie Nilsson – Gotta Get Up
Donovan – Clara Clairvoyant
Grant Hart – Letting Me Out
Parquet Courts – Tears of Plenty
John Vanderslice – “Diamanthunde”
Dâm-Funk – Mirrors
Melt Yourself Down – Fix My Life
Open Mike Eagle – I Rock
Brand Nubian – Shinin’ Star
Quasi – Nostalgia Kills
Joanna Gruesome – Secret Surprise
Elastica – Stutter
The Imps – Uh Oh
The Beatles – Boys
Lou Reed – Real Good Time Together
Royal Trux – Liar
Actual Wolf – Victims & Things
Graham Nash/David Crosby – Frozen Smiles
Bill Callahan – Javelin Unlanding
Pentangle – When I Get Home
The Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 7.04.17 AMONE UNDENIABLE JOY of having kids is seeing them discover the things you love. Johanna has found her way to drawing, word games, Vietnamese food and tacos with only gentle nudges from her father. There may be more Nurture than Nature at play here, but it’s not like everything takes. She shows no inclination toward long walks or PBS Frontline.

In the case of music, my own most persistent passion, Jo’s ardor has been slower to form. There was a Michael Jackson phase, an Abba dalliance (Sarah’s doing) and a handful of tunes that get her dancing. But true fanaticism—that intense yearning to collect, listen, decipher and crank the volume—has eluded her.

Until she discovered the Beatles. It started in Johanna’s 2nd grade classroom with a unit called “Beatle Mania!” (one of so many reasons her school rocks). She was coming home full of Fab Four trivia (You know how Ringo got his name? Did you know they had Mop Tops before they got into uniforms?) and inquiring who we thought was cutest.

Things went quickly from Teeny Bopper curiosity to full-blown obsession. By the time of her class performance this month—100 seven year olds talk-singing Yellow Submarine and Let It Be with a live band—she was collecting MP3s, dissecting lyrics, tracing record covers and making Paul paper dolls. More than one morning we’ve awakened to “Back in the USSR” or “Come Together” blaring through her wall. “The White Album is probably my favorite. Except for Wild Honey Pie.” “Is this a John song?” “Why are there so many songs about Sun and Sunshine?” Our budding Beatlologist.

I went to New York for a (unrelated) conference during the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in America, remembered for their performance on Ed Sullivan, even booking the same hotel they stayed at by coincidence. Last week on George’s 71st birthday we gathered for an hour of Harrison deep cuts on Bop Street. Jo’s friend Rey got a homemade Yellow Submarine cake for his 8th birthday. Beatlemania enfolds us utterly. When hand-claps are called for in “8 Days a Week,” none of us can resist.

Any other wall-to-wall cultural phenomenon would make my eyes roll back in no time. But—and I’m only the hundred-millionth person to say this—the Beatles are different. Their catalog is so vast, their style so varied. Four months into Jo’s crazy love affair, I’m hearing it as if with virgin ears, finding new shading in familiar songs, even discovering stuff I overlooked. With the possible exception of “Hey Jude” or “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” it all feels strikingly fresh. I’m fan-boying out on the ultimate rock-and-roll cliché. For the sake of intergenerational harmony, I can’t stop.

For your (re)consideration:

… and a charming novelty track:

I AM IRRESISTIBLY ATTUNED to music played in public, for better or worse. Out of car windows and radios, in bookstores, cafés and record shops, rocking minigolf DJ sets and sweaty karaoke boxes. Often this entails suffering (Eagles, Wham, Christmas tunes, Wham Christmas tunes). Sometimes surprise—an old frat rock anthem shout-sung by a dude chorus: joyous moment (ya probably had to be there).

With the dam of pent-up spring vibes finally breaking, this crow-sourced concert has been all For Better.

Bill Callahan/Smog

The Au Pairs

Brand Nubian

Stevie Wonder

Paul Revere & the Raiders

Kim Deal


Jack White

Joe South – Games People Play


AT THE CASUALEST CAFE IN SOUTHEAST MINNEAPOLIS you enter to find young men lying on couches. One stands to greet you. He resurrects a cold pot of coffee with blasts of frothing steam and, without discussion, hands you a cup. “No charge.” You sit. Cryptic wisecracking as he nukes a plate of bacon for a customer consulting a vintage PC. The barista paces, munching handfuls of pepperoni (“gotta have protein, right?”) and smoking not-quite-surreptitiously from a pipe he wears on a lanyard. As you rise to leave, your tepid mug barely touched, he grabs a blanket and returns to his couch, giggling.

You will never go back to this place. But that it exists—ungoverned by the rules of commerce, the law, or basic expectation—is reassuring. Mysteriously beyond failure, it lives without striving.

>> Download: “Live from the Plasma Bank”

01 The Everly Brothers – Turn Around
02 Roxy Music – All I Want Is You
03 Eleanor Friedberger – I Won’t Fall Apart On You Tonight
04 Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs – The Fighting Tameraire
05 Shuggie Otis – Ice Cold Daydream
06 Bananarama – No Feelings
07 The Suicide Commandos – Complicated Fun
08 Black Lips – Dumpster Dive
09 Mission of Burma – Trem Two
10 The Electronic Anthology Project – Eels
11 Theophilus London – One Last Time
12 J Dilla – Two Can Win
13 Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage
14 Son of Bazerk – Part One
15 Broken Bells – Meyrin Fields
16 A.C. Newman – Hostages
17 Julie London – Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
18 Nellie McKay – Adios
19 Sly & The Family Stone – I’m An Animal
20 Thee Oh Sees – Flood’s New Light
21 Television – Friction
22 METZ – Get Off
23 Flying Lotus – Heave(n)