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THE TASTE-SWAPPING CONSORTIUM known as Adult Contemporary Mixtape Club is entering Year 2, and my number’s up again. I know only two of the dozen or so contributors in real life. But the old-fashioned labors of burning, assembling and mailing kinda bonded us—that and unleashing our emo/metal/arena/glitch/fill-in-the-blank vices on each other’s hi-fis. We canned the production hassles this year in favor of an all-digital exchange. And the obligatory Tumblr.

ACMC#13 is a mixtape lurching between extremes: sweet and aggro, vintage and vogue-ish, guitars and beats, familiar and WTF. Nobody needs my help appreciating Tune-Yards (let alone the Stones), but for my own personal time capsule, I couldn’t leave it out. Though if this were totally true to real life, there’d be a lot more girl groups and soft rock up in here. I can’t deny I’m mellowing with age.

>> Download ACMC #13: STOLEN PONY

01 Junebug – Leo Kottke
02 Another Nail in My Heart – Squeeze
03 Gold-Flecked Morning – Fort Wilson Riot
04 Jamboree Pt.1 – People Under The Stairs
05 How Silhouette Got Cut – Psalm One
06 Powa – Tune-Yards
07 See Me – Come On
08 Southern Girls (Albini 2003) – Cheap Trick
09 Careful Crossers – Fang Island
10 Same Shit Different Day – Ovens
11  Geodesic Prison Song – The Taxpayers
12 Quarter Helps A Lot, Man – Birthday Suits
13 Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – Standells
14 Party Lights – Claudine Clark
15 Different Drum – Michael Nesmith
16 You Make Me – Nick Lowe
17 Jesus Fever – Kurt Vile
18 Chrysalis – Domestic House Cats
19  We Love You – The Rolling Stones
20 Needle to the Groove – Mantronix
21 Deathsweater – Beans
22 Whitey On the Moon – Gil Scott-Heron (R.I.P.)
23 Compared to What – Roberta Flack

and multiple bouts of malaria before he turned 30. In the decades since those trials, he probably felt invincible. He always seemed that way to me. Though after hip and shoulder replacements, raging arthritis, and the death of his wife of 50 years (as well as most of his friends and fellow soldiers), hitting the 9-0 mark (even he’d have to admit) is really something.

Which is why family, friends and half the town of Guttenberg, Iowa, gathered in a ramshackle ballroom one Saturday in May to celebrate nine decades of Charles J. Klima. I was very proud to be there.


Grandpa Chuck, wishing someone would hand him a Black Velvet & Ginger, with his daughter (my mom) and granddaughter (my sister).


Nice folks showed up. Augie, in the pink shirt, made Chuck 90 cookies. A lifelong Guttenberg resident, he was the high school custodian for 30 years. Until one day he was nearly paralyzed when he leaned across a table to blow out a candle. Now he’s on disability and bakes a lot. Makes you think, as my grandfather might say.


Johanna looooves her second cousins, Hunter and Graycen, who ride horses and hunt and whose grandparents have their own lake with fish. Turns out they’re also good at Pick-up Sticks.


Allie was bartender, offering Iowa’s core selections: Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Light, with Mich Light to mix things up.


Chuck’s ladyfriend Betty has the names of her great-grandchildren embroidered on her coats. Several coats, in fact.


We stayed in an old hotel by Lock and Dam #10 on the Mississippi, which continues to be many feet above normal.

Which didn’t stop these people from driving right in.


In the 1970’s, I recall my mom making stuffed people out of nylons and cotton, though I hadn’t thought about it in years. Gramps had her make him one a couple years back to play tricks on people. This lady has now been stashed in a salad bar and elsewhere at local establishments. Frankly, she’s kind of let herself go.


If you don’t think Old Chucky has the best view in Clayton County, why, you can turn right around and go home.


Not every family gets to enjoy four generations in one place and time. That’s a lot of living.


I’d be remiss not to share the ode-worthy Breaded Pork Tenderloin I enjoyed, along with Belgian beers on tap, at an Algerian restaurant (!) in nearby Elkader, Iowa, the only American town named for an Islamic freedom fighter. As I ate this, I seriously considered moving there.

>> Guided by Voices – Blimps Go 90
>> Mission of Burma – Birthday