Winter is cancelled



+ This is Minnesota’s warmest January in recorded history (OK, it was fun while it lasted)

+ Obama’s presumed opponent is a snide Wall Street 1%er who can’t attack health care reform—go GOP!

+ After 13 months of exacting labor, my largest (and arguably most rewarding) project launched this week

+ We’re at a point where 99% of all moderately amusing ideas now have a Tumblr

+ Minneapolis is testing curbside organic waste pickup and this recycling nerd is psyched

+ Johanna’s almost run out of titles from my least favorite kids’ book series of all time

+ They’re reopening the public school next door in 2013 thanks to Sarah’s epic perseverence

+ Despite years of resistance (and sound reasons), I suddenly have an iPhone

+ I will visit a Chuckie Cheese’s for the first time this week (as a parent or otherwise) …

+ At least I know what I’m wearing

>> Talking Heads – Warning Sign

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