Drawn in

JOHANNA’S PORTFOLIO OF WORKS ON PAPER is getting huge. To this unbiased critic, her style gets more fascinating by the week. Click to go big.

Precision trims—no Baby Scissors here.

There are full-on worlds within these, which she’ll happily take you through.

Drawings of People Drawing is a popular sub-genre here.

Another: Drawings Cut Apart and Glued to Other Drawings With a Mixed-media Option.

Letters are just now transforming from cryptic talismans of the adult world into something meaningful.

Jo used to whip all paints to a brown pulp. But now we’re getting how to keep light colors pure, and how you have to add a lot more yellow to change blue than vice-versa. Jo called the shots on this one while I held the brushes.

Kids In a Movie Theater, a preview of her birthday party later this month. 4 years old! And already talking about getting a place of her own. Some kid.

> Love – She Comes in Colors

  1. Shamrock said:

    Hey, while I received one invitation to Johanna’s party via Sarah’s email, I also received another for yet another b-day party directly from Johanna with a carefully stenciled “don’t tell my parents” at the bottom of that painting above “Kids in a Movie Theater”. Think you’d better go through her things…and then have a little talk with her, she’s showing tendencies towards moving out a little too soon!

    • Jake said:

      Could it be your own?

  2. Jake said:

    Jo IS now showing a capacity for lying and deceit, though it’s taking the form of concealing things she’s broken or, more often, taking a cookie and saying she didn’t.

    Go through her things? I guess Lola better keep her nose clean…

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