On the bright side

NOT SAYING I’M ALOOF about catastrophic climate change. But I don’t recall an April in Minnesota more resplendent.

You only get to enjoy this color for about a week.

“I like summer best, but I like winter more. Because of the snow.”

First backyard barbecue of the season at Allie’s sweet new place.

Kirk firing up the bubble pipe for Lola.

We put a third-wheel contraption on my bike for Johanna to ride. She begs to do it, even after falling off while in motion, an awful moment that stopped traffic, but resulted in only minor scratches.

In neighborhood news, the school next door will not be turned into an fugly assisted living facility as planned. It will continue to sit overgrown and unoccupied for teenagers to hang around at night and drink Mike’s Hard Lemonades. Which I’m all about.

This place down the street, a former candles-and-occult-products outlet and before that a junk store, isn’t fooling anyone.

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