Dubuque link roundup

My 89-year-old grandfather’s hip broke two weeks ago. He didn’t break it exactly, it just broke. Since that time, he’s been operated on, put in traction and left to languish in a hospital room until they get around to doing more surgery. It is not clear when he will be ready to leave. At his age, this is especially unpleasant and scary.

I drove to Dubuque this morning to stay with him for a couple days (my mom and sister have been here on and off for two weeks). As he naps fitfully in the adjacent bed, I’m applying internet therapy to a mild case of boredom.

I write like a girl: Enter a blog into the Gender Analyzer to query the probable gender of the site’s author.

Voting is hard: Judge for yourself which candidate, if any, should tally a vote from these disputed Minnesota ballots. And try not to judge the voters too harshly.

Squid cam: Glimpse an otherworldly, deepsea creature caught on camera near an oil rig.

What you eat is what you get: Ol’ Eric King finally resurrected SandwichesIHaveEaten.com and we’re all richer for it.

One touchup too far: PhotoshopDisasters.

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  1. ImatomaMipMicddudea said:

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