Crash Glass

Since my stained glass classes back in November, I’ve cranked out a handful of “sun catchers” (*cringe*) and other small experiments based on my own designs. For my first piece of significant scale, completed just last week, I tried to fulfill a long-standing debt (or just ease my own mind about it).

During my meandering relo from Seattle to Minneapolis in 1999, I crashed a Honda belonging to my friend Kirk’s parents on a slick patch of asphalt in Biloxi, Miss. Though we agreed to share responsibility, I failed to do much apologizing or amends-making at the time.

The piece memorializes the geography of the crash, including the highway leading to the Honda’s final resting place. I presented it to the bereaved Honda owner last weekend on my way home from KC (more on that trip soon). She accepted the piece with the mix of gratitude and mild bewilderment that often accompany my gifts of art.


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