They Might Be Giants (11/3, First Ave) was one nostalgia show I didn’t bother with this year (X and Sonic Youth were solid; De La Soul was a long, tiresome harangue to put your hands up—or is that every hip-hop show I’ve seen for a decade?). TMBG now makes music for children, which means I’ve run a full generational lap with college rock.

A poem by Kurt Schwitters, a collaging hero of mine, animated in type.

In the right frame of mind, the Country Teasers’ hypnotic rants sound something like Truth.

Add “Lisa Bonet Ate No Basil” to the list of things I find endlessly funny AND mark me as a total dweeb.

In more nerdcore news, Sarah and I saw the Mountain Goats at the Cedar Cultural Center (my new favorite old venue), with opener Final Fantasy, who stepped in with his violin for the tune “Going to Bristol.”

>> Richard Buckner talks about finding a new career after your last one dries up.

>> I have never before this month been thinking so much about Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwiches. Or eating so few.

>> Global Culture Snippet: Latvia’s Ethnographic Mittens.

>> On the tragic scarcity of street food in Mpls/St Paul.

>> Bodaciously browser-rockin’ art GIFs (hit the arrows to peruse) (thanks, Kate)

>> Bank robbery communiqués and their authors.

>> We are contemplating a trip to Colombia. I am cautiously optimisitic.


1) Soft Drink Generator: Can do

2) Fuck You, Penguin: Cute abuse

3) World country quiz: I’m not even going to say how bad I did

4) David Lee Roth soundboard: Oh God

5) Nothing Is New: Unexpected aesthetic finds


1) Marbles – Red Lights

Featured in the upcoming Brain Lapse, issue 1 (from the creators of Rock Mania)

2) MC Chris – Nrrrd Grrrl

Found on the eye-searing WACTAC blog

3) Mountain Goats – No Children

A meditation on love and loathing

4) T. Rex – Baby Boomerang

Dedicated to Lola Plum (dob 1/11/09)



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Iowans Without Borders, Ben Graeber and Julia Graber (not related).


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