Internal meeting, Pt. 1

ME: I live in a house of cards perched on a sand hill.

ALSO ME: What’s that now?

ME: I owe my standard of living to a bubble economy held up by non-renewable resources, unchecked borrowing, and systematic oppression

ALSO ME: But what exactly are you worried about?

ME: Awful leaders. Corporate looting. Accelerating climate effects. What should reassure me?

ALSO ME: Ruling class wealth is built on the same system as yours. They won’t just let it go to hell.

ME: They nearly did — with gusto! We’d be in full Greece Mode if not for some 11th-hour Hail Marys.

ALSO ME: Exactly. Somebody has a hand on the controls and is determined not to fail.

ME: You mean the cartel in the White House? The “adults in the room” who aren’t accountable to anyone? No one is even pretending anymore. The rich are buying up land out west for When The Shit Goes Down. They know something we don’t.

ALSO ME: You know people out west. Eke out The Great Decline with them.

ME: The west is a giant tinder box. At least we have water (for now). Can I even survive without a grocery store?

ALSO ME: You have camping skills. Forage for mushrooms. Catch some fish. Build a fire. Shoot your dinner.

ME: Guns scare me. Especially people with guns. Can I play the Artist Card? Maybe I could do an oral history of the apocalypse. My wife’s pretty handy…

ALSO ME: See, you have currency when capitalism is over. 

ME: You become something you’re not just to survive capitalism. Then you’re helpless to survive without it.

ALSO ME: Still, it’s a bad look to complain about a system you’re winning on when most people lose.

ME: All looks are bad anymore. Maybe the collapse can redeem me — I’ll be an educator or a life-saver.

ALSO ME: You can barely save yourself. Anyhow, who’s to say you’re more resilient than your neighbors? They might be bailing YOU out.

ME: Hope they like shabby drawings.

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