Notice of changes that may affect you

vanWORDPRESS.ORG TURNED INTO A BIG FAT BUMMER for me in June when this blog got shut down for phishing spam violations. It was embarrassing to see the whole thing crap out like that, with me helpless to fix it. The solution, I read, was to comb through files with names like <.lib> looking for minute evidence of hacker code. Hugely aggravating. Totally futile.

So I gave up. I ported my site over to—a similar but different offering—which is instantly better for a dozen reasons, not least of which is that amateurs like me can do it without becoming a host to demon spam robots.

Sacrifices were made, though. Frequent visitors may notice the following performance downgrades:
> No actual Mp3s (you pay a premium to upload certain media, which I may do yet)
> Broken links to photo content pre-2011 (I would’ve said nobody on earth cares about this except I recently saw Witt try to look up some old vacation pix; if you are digging Abstract archives you can’t find, hit me up)
> No blog roll
> URL rerouting (that old bookmark will get you here, friends)

But, hey—now my Instagram pics are front and center, one corner of my Internet garden I bother to cultivate.

Overall, a solid change that’s long overdue. I haven’t felt this relieved since I stopped wearing second-hand pants.

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