Live scraps and excerpts

“The dudes you remember are now coaches.”
“Every zoo is a petting zoo as long as you’re not a wuss.”
“Two trees French kissing for eternity.”
“Does it rain in space?”
“Parents are supposed to hate their kids’ music. It’s the circle of life.”
“AM pop as Arch Deviance” (noted stageside at Ariel Pink).

Mission of Burma live in 2012 (per one YouTube commenter: “old people kicking your ass.”)

Archers of Loaf showed and proved to a roomful of almost-40-year-old once-punks. I bought tickets for the wrong night but the 400 Bar let me in; I’ll hold off trash-talking that club for a while.

The Heavy Cali Boogie of DAM-FUNK.

“Talent is cheap.”

“Deliberately contrarian ardor for the worst of the past.”
“Competence is sexy.”

>> Hella – Top Twenty Notes

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