Venue change

11 YEARS IS A LONG TIME to stay in one spot, especially if you live and work and eat and sleep and create and accumulate all within the same walls (and practically nowhere else), as we have here since 2005. Add a small yet frenetic roommate to the equation and change was in the offing.

Still, the intention to start over in some new joint hit suddenly and came true much faster than expected. I would relate the many reasons I’m elated over this 100-year-old house on a hill, but it feels too fresh and unreal. I’d hate to jinx it.

>> The Electronic Anthology Project of Built to Spill – At the Where
>> The Animals – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

  1. Jenna said:

    Congratulations on your move! That is a really pretty house and looks much bigger than your old one.

    We moved this month, too! 1259 E. Bryan Ave. Salt Lake City, UT.


  2. Jake said:

    Thanks, Jenna! We are a couple residences behind you and Jorge in terms of Total Life Moves. We might live in the next house for eternity (if I’m lucky).

  3. Jenna said:

    Well, we bought this one, so the incentive to stay in higher. Your house looks like where I imagine the Berglunds lived in Freedom. I hope you do live there forever – I want to visit and it might be a while.

    We are also getting a tiny new roommate! Expected to arrive Nov 11. We are embracing chaos.

  4. Jake said:

    Wow, more family expansion–awesome news! Your 2012 chaos trumps ours. Johanna asked for a little brother. We told her we could only handle a cat.

    That’s a good week to be born, tiny roommate.

  5. jenna said:

    I hope I don’t seem like a chaos one-upper. I wish we had less in the recent years.

    Are you a November baby? That’s reassuring – so many crazy people have been telling me to watch out, that they’re scorpios too. Not reassuring at all! Who wants a crazy nutjob for a kid?

    Enjoy your house? What’s your first project?

  6. Jake said:

    Well, they promised I’d be implusive, hot-tempered and manipulative as a November child, but I’m kind of a disappointment. Maybe I’m bottling all that up. Or the zodiac is a crock of shit. Not sure.

    All the examples of second babies among my friends make them look 10x easier——and frequently cuter! You will rock it.

    Sarah is masterminding the project list: new electrical, lose a wall between the kitchen and dining room, possibly build a garage under the house(!). You know, small stuff.

    I just want to get in there and sell our current house (while continuing to work a lot) without the rails flying off. Wish me luck!

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