Things I didn’t expect to think about alone on the Superior Hiking Trail

• Ways a moose could kill you
• The trail’s unfortunate acronym
• How I kind of wish I wasn’t getting text messages here
• Idea for a cutthroat tourism jingle for Grand Marais: “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t stand Lutsen” (apologies to The Police)
• People I forgot to invite to my wedding (eight years too late)
• Similarities between beaver dams and furniture forts
• Animal sex
• A world without the smells and sounds of two-stroke engines
• What won’t people carve their names in?
• Snakes feel you coming
• Those rare things in life that sharing may ruin
• A yearning to renounce civilization
• That what I know about wilderness survival could fit on the back of a business card
• Mortal fear
• Whether this would make a decent blog post

>> Slint – Breadcrumb Trail

  1. T said:

    Um I love it. I think the first time I felt like that recently was on my first long motorcycle ride. To Vashon via Mt Rainer and no text messages in a helmet. Funny how all this tech makes it hard to think sometimes, sometime I’ll come there and we will go for a hike.

    • Jake said:

      Man, do I wish you’d come hike the SHT with me sometime, Travis.

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