Dept. of Renewals

NEW PAINT, SHELVING, A COLOSSAL CANOPY and other environmental upgrades are remaking my world (not a monumental task, small as it is). After a decade in this house, its ubiquitous flaws—gerry-rigged fixes, unresolved projects, heinous finishes—have become almost invisible; I only realize how bad it was now that it’s better. I squeegeed the windows for the first time in years; so beautiful I’m ashamed for waiting. Not quite the Agenda-Free Summer we dreamed of after the wall-to-wall weariness of 2010, but there’s more (freshly painted) room to space out and goof off, my perennial wont.

Kevin has kept this card in his wallet for at least 10 years

Found a Califone at a garage sale with a built-in speaker loud enough to rock a party

The Chapman Bro’s piece at the M.I.A. mirrors Johanna’s best playground move









What took us so long to do bubble baths? No other type of bath will now be accepted

Craig’s lubricated lemon, prepped for plaster-casting by the Schmelzer Technique (pics to come)

A little brown haven under the sick pines at Afton State Park (recently ransacked during our government shut down)









With head-to-toe Hello Kitty at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

A motley assemblage of items for plaster-casting, our latest Make Sh!t experiment

A curious hidden refuse pile discovered on the outer edges of Afton SP

  1. Scott said:

    In this bath photo she looks like an angel being born – didn’t that already happen?

  2. Jake said:

    I love bath pics, I think because they eliminate all the clutter; all you see is ceramic and flesh (and no hair in the face, either).

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