THE TASTE-SWAPPING CONSORTIUM known as Adult Contemporary Mixtape Club is entering Year 2, and my number’s up again. I know only two of the dozen or so contributors in real life. But the old-fashioned labors of burning, assembling and mailing kinda bonded us—that and unleashing our emo/metal/arena/glitch/fill-in-the-blank vices on each other’s hi-fis. We canned the production hassles this year in favor of an all-digital exchange. And the obligatory Tumblr.

ACMC#13 is a mixtape lurching between extremes: sweet and aggro, vintage and vogue-ish, guitars and beats, familiar and WTF. Nobody needs my help appreciating Tune-Yards (let alone the Stones), but for my own personal time capsule, I couldn’t leave it out. Though if this were totally true to real life, there’d be a lot more girl groups and soft rock up in here. I can’t deny I’m mellowing with age.

>> Download ACMC #13: STOLEN PONY

01 Junebug – Leo Kottke
02 Another Nail in My Heart – Squeeze
03 Gold-Flecked Morning – Fort Wilson Riot
04 Jamboree Pt.1 – People Under The Stairs
05 How Silhouette Got Cut – Psalm One
06 Powa – Tune-Yards
07 See Me – Come On
08 Southern Girls (Albini 2003) – Cheap Trick
09 Careful Crossers – Fang Island
10 Same Shit Different Day – Ovens
11  Geodesic Prison Song – The Taxpayers
12 Quarter Helps A Lot, Man – Birthday Suits
13 Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – Standells
14 Party Lights – Claudine Clark
15 Different Drum – Michael Nesmith
16 You Make Me – Nick Lowe
17 Jesus Fever – Kurt Vile
18 Chrysalis – Domestic House Cats
19  We Love You – The Rolling Stones
20 Needle to the Groove – Mantronix
21 Deathsweater – Beans
22 Whitey On the Moon – Gil Scott-Heron (R.I.P.)
23 Compared to What – Roberta Flack

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