Prairie school’d

THERE’S A SWEET SPOT in Afton State Parkatop a bluff overlooking the St. Croix River, surrounded by blooming prairie, under a lone spreading oak—where we took up residence over Memorial Day weekend. Despite dismal weather predictions, we hiked, climbed, ID’ed plants, hid & sought, played gin-rummy and cribbage, ate ourselves stupid and generally kicked it loose and free. Miraculously, no one got wet.

Credit is due to an amazing blue tarp, loaned to us by neighbors and fashioned into a deluxe canopy by Lucas, an engineering masterwork of found wood, rope and bungie. I was moved to make a drawing of it, which Johanna Crayola’ed with a quickness before I could protest.

Sorry about the fugly likenesses, beautiful people. I only had eyes for our tarp.

>> Zombies – Tell Her No
>> Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat

  1. Scott said:

    Johanna simply invented hand-tinting before you could intervene. What’s the picture about? One glance and I’m thinking “famous blue raincoat”.

    • Jake said:

      How did I miss that obvious mp3 opp? Correcting that…

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