Hot rubber

THANK YOU AAROW RUBBER STAMP for hosting our latest Make Sh!t moment: true rubber stamps made via an archaic process involving goggles, big mittens and Master Vulcanizer Craig Phillips shouting “Hot rubber!” seemingly at random. We mined images from Johanna’s drawings, zoological illustrations, and private icon stashes. Talking about making concrete lawn ornaments next, which could be our best or worst idea yet. Can’t wait to find out.

Chuck “Charlie Cool” Klima of Guttenberg, Iowa—ex-oil and gas maintenance man, champion rifleman, fisherman, stained glass enthusiast and also my grandfather—celebrates his 90th birthday this weekend. I’ll be DJing for a crowd to include our small family and probably the rest of the town.

On route to the party, this monstrous Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich will be mine.


1 comment
  1. Marc said:

    A “destination tenderloin,” I’m sad to say, can be had nowhere near my current whereabouts. Enjoy.

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