Free samples

I AM TALKING TO LUNCH LADIES about why their food is less terrible than kids think. I am making up imaginary people to be in fake plays and work at fake companies. I am cruising neighborhoods looking for unprotected wifi networks. I am building (conceptual) platforms for (real) architects. I am repeating the word “debit” until it loses all meaning. I am writing about the peculiar demands of television puppetry. I am making recipes involving Jello sound youthful. I am politely shaking down accounts payable departments and transferring the proceeds to the IRS. I am finding time to tidy up, browse records, ride bike, meet long-lost cousins, even draw and paint. I am trying to allay concern (Sarah’s, my own) about those things I am not currently doing, from fixing our toilet to figuring out our five-year plan. For the moment, it’s working.

>> Hüsker Dü – What’s Going On

>> The Human League – (Keep Feeling) Fascination

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  1. Marc said:

    I’m with you, brother. We should never give in to the threat of being defined (confined?) by the things that we are not doing.

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