Global uncertainty

Window_Allies_March2011Q’S W/O A’S:

> Are we one natural disaster and/or terrorist attack away from economic End Times?

> Will today’s decadence and wastefulness seem unthinkable within my lifetime? Will I miss it?

> Can you live by the bubble without necessarily dying by it?

> Is my personal prosperity sufficiently aligned with that of the powerful?

> When all this sham belt-tightening is over, will the damage be permanent?

> Are exorbitant health care costs as likely to kill me as protect me?

> If we’re in permanent decline, is homeownership merely nostalgic or just plain stupid?

> If our time is indeed up, will we be the last to know?

>> Lykke Li – Everybody But Me
>> OFF – Panic Attack

  1. Sean said:

    I see I’m not the only one questioning my assumptions.

  2. Jake said:

    Do we live in a house of cards or not? I honestly don’t know.

  3. Marc said:

    The global economic system we profit from as westerners is incredibly robust, built with levels upon levels of redundancies and fail safes. At least this is what I tell myself whenever I find I’m worring too much about about any day but today. Nevertheless, if apocolypse goes down we’re retreating to the farm, where there’s more than enough room for a few stray Minnesotans, especially ones industrious as your clan.

  4. lullalm said:

    yes. yes, yes. maybe. no. yes. maybe. yes, maybe. yes.

  5. Jake said:

    Marc, the Virginia Farm sounds like a robust Plan B. When the shit goes down, Minnesota might need to be abandoned.

    I know I can always count on you for grim certainties, Lucas.

  6. Scott said:

    When I was young the daily topics were Silent Spring, Mutually Assured Destruction, urban rioting, serial assassinations and Three Mile Island. I remember carrying basic foodstuffs and water – hell, a grain mill, as I recall – when I went very far from home. I was sure the apocalypse was imminent and equally sure I would never own a home. It’s hard for me to feel less secure today than when bombers based an hour away continually flew towards the USSR to be in place if someone pressed the button.

  7. Jake said:

    I hear you, Scott: Life under the reign of our Financial Overlords may feel tenuous, but life with the Military-Industrial Overlords probably felt a lot worse. But maybe doing drills in bomb shelters better prepared you for the possibility of collapse? Me, I’m not ready.

  8. lullalm said:

    just remember, we’re all in this together…

  9. Jake said:

    Cruel. Is there a name for tricking someone into watching a snippet of High School Musical (a la “Rick Rolling?”). Not that I condone it.

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