Where we’re winding up

THE SPRING PSYCHE TRIES TO SHUT OUT INCONVENIENT FACTS, like how this is our snowiest month, or how winters here will only get worse if climate trends hold. But the gaping potholes and eroding cliffs of filth are tough to ignore.

In the doldrums of March, small frustrations threaten to ruin you: misplaced mittens trigger angry accusations; reconciling piles of health care paperwork ends in tears. The mood would be murderous if not for our crazy abundance of hobbies.

Jo expended her last ounce of energy and patience climbing down to Minnehaha Falls so I could take this picture. I try not to think about the chemical runoff involved in this pretty aquamarine icescape.

Seeing creatures more cooped up and miserable than ourselves at Como Zoo. I’d feel bad about supporting this kind of dismal captivity, except it’s free.

A cold, gray day is forgotten over empanadas and Negra Modelo at Victor’s 1959 Café.

Stuff we made with leftover clay from Sarah’s pottery class, which she declined to fire for us.

Dept. of Friends’ Obsessions: Several winter evenings have found me at Kevin’s listening to his amazing jukebox 45s, with a fresh rotation every month or so (click the pic for a close look).

This kid can make a project out of anything (lunch bags, wet leaves, yarn ends, TP rolls). Always expanding her skill set, she recently taught herself to snap and to whistle.

Recent Make Sh!t output: Marcel Duchamp and Samuel Beckett rubyliths by Paul; my own “King Cone” design. Not pictured are Lucas’s fantasy creatures, Witt’s Jeepney, and Craig’s Alfred E. Neuman portrait, each destined for a small run of Ts.

Over several late nights Sarah helped us turn the designs into screenprints in her basement workshop. Witt screened his class project, documented here by Paul—a large image of an MLK march with the central figure neatly removed. By Make Sh!t standards at least, it was a triumph.

Onward to the promised land.

>> Beans — Deathsweater
>> Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light

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