North Coast crossing

AS THE WORLD NOW KNOWS, WISCONSIN PROTESTS AS HARD AS THEY PARTY. We bore witness last weekend. While I’d like to say we went east to defend the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin state workers, we actually went to ski. And also to party! We expressed our solidarity with protesters with raised fists through car windows.

Our real aim: the 15th annual Book Across the Bay, joining some 4,000 x-country skiers and snowshoers on a nighttime trek across 8-kms of Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay (seen above, just before the start). I expected a walk in the park. But as darkness fell, it became a slippery, trip-prone forced march through a cold, windy void. Why do this?

To get to the other side, of course, where a huge party was whipping up in a warm tent.

The climate went from tundra to tropical as we entered, dewing up our cameras. Through the haze, our crew could be seen jamming to classic rock covers and getting pasted on good cheap beer and brandy from a Hello Kitty water bottle.

A massive bonfire hot enough to melt your plastic cup.

In other adventures, there’s stuff in rural Wisconsin you don’t commonly see. Like my wife with a gun.

Aliina and me with prosthetic deer hands at her family homestead (found in Barn #2 of 3).

Marigny, Lucy and Johanna feed the pet horses. You’d never guess Jo was a city slicker, apart from the jeggings.

You just can’t get Grade-A Extra Small in the Cities.

Can we come back in spring? Will work for farm food (thanks, Jan and Rick and Ann and Dan).

>> Zion I – The Bay
>> Gerry & the Pacemakers – Ferry Cross The Mersey

  1. Y’all can just come & visit, veg out, or whatever there is to do. I’m glad you had a good time. I just brought home many pounds of venison andouille sausage – A. will probably get some to you in a week or so. Thanks for coming up, it was good to spend some time you, S. Oakley, & JJ.

  2. Aliina said:

    we sure made some memories. 😉

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