Vicarious Artists

I’LL TAKE YOUR INSPIRATION, THANKS. Since my friend Witt quit his job to be a stay-at-home Dad by day and earn a Graphic Design degree by night, I’ve been feeling jealous. His assignments, which have him parlaying scraps of artistic influence (Baldessari, Steve Powers, Bruce Conner) into his own collages, books and zines, are impressing the hell out of me. And his enthusiasm’s contagious.

Witt’s total reinvention is a bus-length too far for me to jump. But I’ll take new creative outlets and encouragement any day. That’s the idea behind “Make Sh!t,” a weekly hands-on free-for-all in St. Paul hosted (so far) by Craig, media concierge and analogue bon vivant. Four sessions in, our motivation is in full effect, if not our vision, craftsmanship or originality.

Witt inks up Craig’s old letterpress to make birth announcements for Lil’ Ella. Not sure he got the prints he wanted, but purple ink found its way onto every hand and shoe sole.

I bring Xeroxes from home to collage. Here, Angler’s Guide to North American Fish meets the Golden Book of Guns.

Going ballistic with the gluestick.

Plenty of beer to Make Sh!t, consumed with and without a clamp prosthesis.

Slide manipulations.

Things got dissonant last week. Paul and Craig shred with atonal axes.

As close as we got to a groove.

I grimace when I’m really feelin’ it, man.

Found hallway sculpture, 12:30 a.m. Another productive Make Sh!t Thursday.

>> Roxy Music – Re-make Re-model

  1. lullalm said:

    gimme a call next time – i’m in the hood!

  2. Craig Phillips said:

    well-summarized, my friend. let’s make some sh!t

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