Jo transcript #004

JOHANNA, WITH OVERFLOWING PAPER BAG: OK, so you’re the king and I’m the princess.


So look what I have—one horsey, one teddy, one blanket and one balloon. [tosses items out like scarves from a magic hat]

Take this for sleeping with [hands over a blanket, then a balloon] and this is for blowing up if you’re hungry.

If I’m hungry?

You drink the water inside.


Not actually, that’s just pretend… OK, alright. Now you’re the dad and I’m the kid. And it’s really really really really really cold out there. And it’s snowing out there.

Is it?

No, it’s just pretend… Daddy why are you wearing sweatpants when it’s not nighttime?

Oooooo. Busted.

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  1. Kristi said:

    Love these transcripts, Jake. Keep ’em coming.

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