Something’s happening

HOW DO YOU TURN OFF YOUR THOUGHTS? It takes effort lately to enjoy things without my inner monologue horning in. Too many Whys and What Ifs. With plenty to relish (absorbing reads, disturbing documentaries, hella babies, huge projects capped, rad photography exhibits, more camaraderie than I’ve had for months) I need to process less and pay more attention.

Xeroxing with Johanna.

The epic line to see Obama’s rally (lot of good that did), with “big beer” in the background.

A wee Marie Antoinette won first prize at the costume contest.

Pizza with the angelic baby Odelia, poppa Matty and butterfly friend.

Ella Kay Siasoco was born last Tuesday.

A performance by the Bare Bones puppet theater in a forest by the river.

There are tipis around the M.I.A. this month.

Colorful toast on the occasion of my 36th birthday.

>> Mirah – Look Up!

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