After the melt

SPRING VIBES INTENSIFY EVERYTHING. I joined the gleeful hordes on city trails this weekend, but merely washing windows was an ecstatic act. I was practically pogoing in the car downtown today to a new/old “Doolittle” cassette, windows down, volume up. The frisson of freedom that follows cold-weather confinement; it’s a big reason I live here.

Enthusiasm was swelling all week long. We hit the Heights Theatre for a 6th Annual Arab Film Festival selection Saturday evening, though the movie paled next to the meal we had beforehand at Victory 44, an unassuming pub that serves scary-ambitious food in North Minneapolis. We were all over the tasting menu—beets and bleu cheese with honey pearls, lamb loaf with carrot ketchup—even before they trotted out the fifth course, assorted desserts on a platter the size of a gatefold LP, melted up with a butane torch for extra flair. There was a mob at the door as we left.

St. Paul Slim tore it up before The Genius at the Triple Rock Social Club Thursday, but his beatboxing DJ (Snuggles) stole the show:

For GZA/Genius and the Wu-Tang Clan generally, their role as cultural icons may have dimmed their freshness as performers. It’s not so dog eat dog anymore on the streets of Shaolin, I guess (He’s got mouths to feed/unnecessary beef is more cows to breed). GZA kept it lackadaisical like his cameo in Jarmusch’s Coffee & Cigarettes:

Sarah submitted her application today to be part of the inaugural CSA (Community Supported Art) project, wherein art patrons can buy a curated crate of work by local artists; a more enticing treat than the food version, IMO.

Wow wow wow. This week I dropped by Foot in the Door 4 at the M.I.A. (4000 amateur artworks jammed floor to ceiling into two galleries; individually mediocre, but sublime altogether). Grabbed the excellent new Dessa album (picking up her songy rapping on radars far outside the 612). Though I have no special qualifications for the honor, I landed a project with money guru Suze Orman. She’ll easily qualify as the biggest celebrity I’ve met (assuming they let me meet her). Wim Wenders is probably second; Floppy a distant third. I admit I’m having trouble imagining her as a real person.

A concluding note of appreciation for my mother in law (#4 licensed dental hygienist in Alaskan history; ooold school), observed here giving HER OWN TEETH a professional-style cleaning. Hard. Core.

> Bobby Goldsboro – Little Things

  1. KBro said:

    Just ate at V44 last week too. Supa-tasty treats there.

    • Jake said:

      Yup, I’d be hitting that place up all the time, Northsida

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