Flame out

THE WINTER GAMES are boasting sky-high ratings at our house (I think Sarah’s rewatched the Joni Mitchell segment of the Opening Ceremony several times online). I’m not known for my love of televised sports, but this time I’m seeing past the canned patter, trumped-up redemption narratives, cloying human interest drivel and gross over-packaging to that glimmer of … oh who am I kidding. The Olympics blow utterly.

I’ve got a welcome new gig out in Pasadena this week. Software people again, but after last year’s Microsoft marathon, I’m prepared for all the esoteric vocab: dog-fooding, OEM, CRM, scrubbing, CAGR—bring it on. It’s a product for media-hording, middle-aged geeks, which, while new to me, hits closer to home than I care to admit.

Switching focus, here’s a grab bag of recent Johanna pics (this WordPress gallery function is whacked, but you can click stretched images to open them in a new window; bow down to my technical mastery).

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