Pastime paradise

PARENTS OFTEN WONDER ALOUD what they ever did before they had kids. With Sarah and Jo in Oregon for the next 11 days, I’m trying hard to remember. How do people expend all this surplus time? Happy hour? Home improvement? Football (shudder)?

As I look around, I think maybe it should be cleaning.


Wildlife, possibly lost, spotted in Des Moines.

Celebrating the blue moon and the New Year in Des Moines simultaneous with the marriage of friends Dan and Sheila in Salem, OR: 12am on 1/1/10.

Art Shanties 2010 had many of the same attractions as 2009 (like these cozy game rooms that are also giant dice), as well as a new entry from Weaselhawks buddies Travis, Rollie and Mel—a shop where you acquire merchandise not with money but through silly, sometimes humiliating acts. At 35°, the lake was extremely slushy and many shanties were leaking.

Paul’s 39th birthday was marked with beers, some pinball, The Umbrella Sequence at the Hex, and some major iPhone twiddling. Paul is explaining FourSquare to me, a mobile application that, far as I can tell, encourages people to track you like an tagged animal.

As a birthday gift, Sarah revamped a section of the basement as dedicated project space for me (it’s far tidier than it was, believe it or not). Note my photocopier at right, resurrected after we realized you don’t need to buy the no-longer-produced toner cartridge on eBay ($300! I shit you not), you can simply drill a hole in the side and pour some toner in.

The best addition to my setup is a lightbox, made from an old x-ray viewer, that Sarah salvaged from the U of M. It’s essential for making stained glass, but it’s also handy for inspecting works on paper, Xerox art, etc.

I’m headed to Portland myself next month to visit the Iowa ex-pat community there. I’ll be bearing gifts of stained glass—a mushroom crest for one friend, and, after prolonged consideration, a bloody wrench for another. If you know the guy, it makes perfect sense.

> Stevie Wonder – Pastime Paradise

  1. Gabe (aka gravy) said:

    nice review. Had fun hanging out man glad to meet you -Gravy

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