Jo transcript #003

JOHANNA: [Dragging a box of blocks like a bar-cart] I’m coming over to your house.

ME: [Reading a magazine on the couch.] OK.

Taste this—It tastes like Cherry-Flower-Fairy.

Sounds interesting.

It has sugar in it.

[sipping from a block] Mmmm. How did you make this?

With flour, sugar and fairy sprinkled all in the flavor. So that’s how I made it.

That’s a fine recipe.

It’s really, really, really good for you. “Blueblerry” is really good, too. It makes you strong even… What are you writing?

I’m just taking some notes.

Give me that. I want to draw.

So snacktime is over?

But I need to go home now. I need to work.

See you next time, sweetie.

I’m not Sweetie. I’m your daughter.

Yes, I know.

  1. Scott McKell said:

    This is such a mature conversation compared with the surly exchange Ann just read to me.

    • Jake said:

      Jo can get pretty surly, but I edited out the Mom Jokes.

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