Going nowhere

Here’s a fun experiment if you can get away with it: For a four-day holiday weekend, don’t stray more than 1/4 mile from your home. Have enough food and supplies to last it out. If you must see people, make them come to you. Even then, pretend your pajamas are clothes. When asked to justify yourself, say you are “creating your own traditions.” (Click pics to enlarge.)


By Christmas morning, it looked like a UPS truck had exploded under our tree.


Only two things on Jo’s list: a Pink Teddy Bear with Pink Stars (Sarah took that one) and a Hello Kitty Computer (my job). Moments after opening her new laptop, she got to work.


We are thankful for festive washclothes.


Scene from a ViewMaster, “Columbia River Valley” edition.


By noon there was a foot of wet snow, perfect for sculpting a fort. This one had windows. And appliances.


Behold the power of the plastic snow-brick maker ($2.99, Walgreens).


Hot prime rib and Yorkshire pudding? Dad: quit with the pictures and sit down.


This took hours. Of which we had no shortage.


It was a Christmas of costumes and curtsies.


Books ‘n’ Boots: Aunt Allie and Jo at Wild Rumpus.


Another family portrait of us trying to “help” Johanna compose herself.


Not quite in the spirit of the season, I ordered a bunch of mail-order gifts for myself. Check out that crazy-bad-ass thumb drive. Moving data. Taking names.


Would you believe we were the only Christmas revelers exploring the closed school next door after dinner? People don’t know what they’re missing.

  1. Jenna said:

    Merry Christmas! Johanna is so cute I can hardly stand it. Also, I love that hello kitty computer. I guess she doesn’t mind that the screen is always on the hellokitty screen saver? We got an iMac for Christmas – sort of the same.


    • Jake said:

      The laptop has expanded functionality not visible in the photo: a wipeboard, drawing paper, a roll of stickers… pretty much everything that comes on an iMac. Don’t be jealous!

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