2009 Anxiety Index

What’s troubling my mind on a scale of 0 (no stress) to 10 (panic attacks).

> The swirling mass of plastic choking the North Pacific: 1.0

> Total economic collapse (or as Travis prophesies, “when the shit goes down”): 3.5

> That all skills I’ve acquired as an adult will be obsolete when the shit goes down: 4.0

> Wrinkles, gray hair and other signs of physical deterioration: 2.1

> That I’ve peaked: 5.1

> That my spouse has more friends than me: 1.4

> That the good I do is far outweighed by the good I don’t do: 4.7

> Teenagers no longer seem to think I’m cool: 2.6

> Failure to create a professional website: 4.3

> The fact that everything about my life may change in the next 10 years: 2.0

> The fact that nothing about my life may change in the next 10 years: 3.0

> Continuing inability to grasp the point of Twitter: 1.5

> The possibility that American democracy is an irredeemable hoax: 3.0

> I cannot identify 40+% of the bands on 2009 top 10 lists: 4.1

> I do not own a garment with sufficiently long sleeves: 0.9

> Being buried in 20 inches of ice-snow by Christmas: 0.0

Photo 78

  1. Shamrock said:

    You’re averaging around 2.5 by my calculations, Jake. Keep it up!

  2. Jake said:

    I knew you’d be able to locate the blog if you put your mind to it.

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