Morel clarity

I’VE FOUND A NEW PRODUCTIVITY ZONE in my day between 10 and midnight, so I’m jumping on this year’s handmade gift program.

Steve Davis a/k/a Hank Piece comes through with a new batch of tunes to share every year, and I haven’t reciprocated in a while. To say thanks, I made an homage in glass to a favorite family pastime of his: mushroom hunting. (Once when I came by to say hi to Steve’s folks, his mom promptly fried up some chicken of the woods for me, as if wild mushrooms were cashews.)

This fails to show the variegated morel pattern of the art glass I found (the light is terrible today). The crudeness of the piece seems forgivable when the subject is ‘shrooms. It looks like it was dug out of a gnome’s root cellar or something.


Here it is front-lit, which reveals another detail I like—vintage privacy glass from my gramps’ collection (the bumpy blue stuff).


  1. lullalm said:

    i too have been utilizing the 10-12+ pm work schedule for sometime now. with everyone tucked in bed, i can head to the studio and blow off steam, tune up the bike, or delve into assorted creative endeavors. lately i usually last for 2 or so stokings of the fire before it’s time to hit the sack.

  2. Jake said:

    Yeah, definitely a good time for “stoking.” DAD O’CLOCK, baby.

  3. lullalm said:

    the woodstove, brother. the woodstove…

  4. Jake said:

    Hey, we don’t all have woodstoves. Just sayin’.

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