Jo Transcript #002

Entering a “classroom” with dolls lined up on the bed.

Jo: Come see the show. I am going to be the teacher.

Me: I’m only staying a minute.

You can’t leave. It’s going to be very special for you.

What are your dolls doing?

They are watching. When I call their name, they come to me.

Then what do they do?

They come. Because I’m the teacher and I called their name. And they get a rock when they cooperate.

What do they do with the rocks?

Shake them. They like to do that a lot.

Now we are doing the performance. All the performers get rocks. You get the biggest rock. For being the biggest Daddy. And for cooperating.

I’m not sure I’m going to cooperate.

Now we jump over the rocks. NOT YOU. Just the dollies.

I’m leaving now.


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