Among all the celebrated firsts, Jo’s first licensed character obsession isn’t a milestone I was excited about. But while it would be unthinkable with Disney Princesses or Hannah Montana, Hello Kitty has grown on me. Something about her inscrutability and projectability. And thus for Halloween I was convinced to carve her likeness in pumpkin.

Hello Kitty

Johanna (Urban Cowgirl) and Rey (Robot Superhero) hit up both sides of 44th Avenue on Halloween, taking turns knocking. All grade-A candy, handed out in twos (it’s a low-traffic trick-or-treat street). It was a good run, though Johanna not only forgot to say thank you most times, she frequently coughed in the candy bowl. Horrors!

Photo 34

Glancing at television, I sometimes have to remind myself it’s being broadcast from this planet.


Speaking of things that give you pause, WordPress serves up all kinds of info about how visitors found your blog, and I check it from time to time. Turns out yesterday somebody came to this site by performing the search: “Fucked my cousin’s friends at the family reunion.” My people.

  1. lullalm said:

    just wait. just wait…

    “i love these hello hitty tats cause hello kitty is my fav”

    hk tats

    hk guns

  2. Jake said:

    Christmas shopping: done and done.

  3. lullalm said:

    matching hk tats for the family gun range outing?

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