Jo Transcript #001

Listening to Taylor Branch talk about his eight years of secret conversations with Bill Clinton, I’m betting the Johanna era has similar literary potential.

Me: Are you going to finish your dinner?

Jo (building a train with dining room chairs): No.

Don’t you want dessert?

Yes, I do.

Finish up we can have dessert and carve pumpkins.

I’m scared of Halloween.

Why? What’s scary?

Scary cats. Scary ghosts. Scary pumpkins. Scary BATS.

What are you going to be?

Karl (the cat) is going in his kitty costume.

What about you?


Which one?

A cat. Is Tomorrow is Halloween?

It’s still a few days off.

My birthday is yesterday. My birthday is AFTER yours.

No, your birthday is before mine.

Yeah. Are you a boy or a girl?

I’m a boy.

Yeah, a BIG boy. And I’m a big girl. Frankie is a big boy (Lists off everyone we know and their gender).


  1. Anna Tamura said:

    Jake! Kady was raving about your blog this am on our weekly exercise. I checked it out and love that pic of you, Kenzo, and me looking up to the skies at the kite. How in the hell do I get your blog to transmit to my e-mail whenever you do a post? I tried figuring it out, but couldn’t. You’re conversation with Jo reminded me of a conversation I had with Kenzo this morning….
    He asked me why I don’t have a peepee. Explained that girls peepees and boys peepees are different. He then went on to say that Daddy has a really big peepee!

    Cheers and give big hugs to Sarah and Jo for me.

  2. Jake said:

    Hi, Anna — Have you tried Google Reader? That’s a good way to keep track of what’s new in blogs you read ( There are many other ways, none of which I really understand.

    Sounds like a fun convo with Kenzo. I’m not sure how I’d tackle that one. Jo’s less curious about gender anatomy than about who’s BIG and who’s small. We found some pants that were too short and she told me “I will wear this when I get smaller.”

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