In the stacks

Photo 17

Holing up in the new-ish Des Moines Central Library this morning, a blocky, snaking structure in a thoroughly refurbished stretch of downtown (posh restuarants, sculpture garden, Starbucks) not far from my high school. Gazing through the library’s copper mesh facade, it is scarcely recognizable as my hometown.

Work has been relentless lately—like slaying a hydra while playing Whack-A-Mole; beat that!—so I’m relieved to have a catch-up day free of meetings, childcare or homely diversions. Later tonight, my uncle’s throwing himself a 60th birthday bash. Might need to squeeze in a nap; partying with Des Moines children of the 50s takes more stamina than you might expect, especially if someone brings cards.

Bonus Internet extras:
Steakhouse or Gay Bar?
Cheese or Font?
Cilantro OR ELSE.

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