Exit row

I’m starting to like our new airline overlords. Somebody at Delta decided to show the new HBO dramatization of the Maysles Brothers’ cult classic “Grey Gardens,” the kookiest in-flight programming ever. Between quicky assignments (“Why reusable bottles?” Um, do I really need to tell you?), I keep glancing up and seeing Drew Barrymore bawling in a fluorescent hijab or a half-naked, elderly Jessica Lange stabbing at ice cream in a gallon tub.

Spoiler alert: I’m flying out to surprise my dad on his 60th birthday. And also, it turns out, to drive my sister to college in Ellensburg (the dream of all entering Freshmen: extra family crowded in your dormroom asking where you want yr spare hangers).

Jetting back just in time to spend the waning hours of Johanna’s birthday with her. Five days later, we zip down to Des Moines for Dad’s twin brother’s 60th party.

Yeah, I know. It seems even more ridiculous when you’re doing it.

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