What goes around

Things I’ve been meaning to tell you about.

> At long last, Radio K is on FM 24/7

> Keep your loot where they’d never look: your tighty whities

> I’ve earned a few of these in my day: Passive Aggressive Notes blog

> Just a teensy bit more than a  film still: Three Frames

> Nico singalong: PS22 Chorus, “I’ll be Your Mirror”

> A not altogether frivolous analysis of Obama’s ties: Neck of State

> “Masterpiece Oil Paintings by Renowned Portrait Artists Dick Zimmerman” (sound on!)

> I’m asked to read this book every day, sometimes twice: Harold and the Purple Crayon

> Who needs copywriters? 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive

> Strike a pose: Rad Dudes blog

> Understanding Islam coloring book: I Don’t Want to Blow You Up

> Visualizing a vocation: How to Be Happy In Business – a Venn diagram

> Dept. of local restaurant blogs: Anna’s True Thai News

> Earworm of the month (the month of April): Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell

> Keep a look out: Goths In Hot Weather blog

> Thousands are reading DFW together this month: Infinite Summer

> Better bring your shiv: Eat at Stabby’s

> Tunefully silly social commentary: Garfunkle & Oates



  1. lullalm said:

    you tried any of the dogs at stabby’s yet?

  2. Jake said:

    I have been reluctant to go alone. Let’s hit it up for lunch soon; I got your back.

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