Inside. Out. Round and round.

At this moment, eight dudes are on my roof with heavy hammers tearing off and replacing a shoddy roof job—for free. It’s no surprise they’re working fast and loud. It feels like my brain is a tennis shoe in a dryer. Or like I’m inside a giant rock tumbler. With concentration next to impossible, I let my mind drift to quieter times.


Jo perpetuates the infinite vortex of dandelions.


At Minnehaha Park with Allie and our pals from the Black Hoody Mafia (Henry, Frankie and Ben).


Henry and I tried out rad poses for the photographer (she missed them by a few seconds). Gotta love the kid’s short-long.


We displaced someone sleeping under this bridge (not intentionally) to take Family Band-style album shots.


Among the highlights of Art-a-Whirl was climbing onto a boat with a mirrored inner sanctum. You wear a white suit and become a human screen for 16mm loops.

Inside Infinite Regress from Jake, Sarah & Johanna on Vimeo.


Sarah ensured Neighbor Scott’s birthday did not lack for icing. Happy 4-0, kiddo!


Stickers have become our household currency, a most-desired reward and fashion accessory.


A visit with Juniper and her dad Ryan from around the corner. “People’s Republic of Portland” T-shirt! Booyah.


Sarah’s gardening blitz has bettered the backyard immeasurably, eclipsing the foresaken dumpster in the driveway as a focal point.


Surrogate sisters Iz and Jo were all about our 24 hours of backpack camping in Afton State Park. We found a great spot to catch the sunset and went a little camera crazy.





^ Isobel’s entry in the passing-around-the-camera contest…


^ …and Jo’s.


Jenney and Lucas flaunting Rectangle Designs gear in its natural habitat.


Getting to our secluded site meant a strenuous 3/4-mile hike uphill laden with big packs, and Johanna for about 90% of the way.

The bladder from Jake, Sarah & Johanna on Vimeo.

The Navigator from Jake, Sarah & Johanna on Vimeo.


Diana Ross — Upside Down


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