Sketchin’ with Jo

As anyone who’s tried to set down a cup of coffee or take a seat at our house knows, we can’t control our paper. Newsprint, catalogs, notepads, empty sticker backing—it covers all our surfaces uniformly, like dust on a construction site. But when you feel like drawing, as we are known to, it’s pretty handy.

Jo and I started a sketchbook in March that we get out when we need to get out of Sarah’s/Mom’s hair. Johanna’s a natural. Her preferred drawing implement is the gluestick, which as a long-time collagist makes me proud.

Below are a few of our latest pages. While I do most of the detail work, Jo selects the media, tears things, adds glue liberally (even when we’re not gluing), and controls the composition by frequently reorienting the page. While we are abstract artists by and large, figurative elements creep in, especially around dinner time.

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  1. erika said:

    These are pretty fantastic.

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