Beset by a spring project blitz, not to mention Somali pirates, I’m feeling short on time for the non-essential. Before the first  dispatch from an over-taxed April, I gotta salute Jamie and Craig, headed to Nationals after winning the FOOSFIRE All-Agency Foosball Tournament this weekend and lighting up their own (pickin’) party the same night. You are heroes to all beer-powered sports enthusiasts.

Sounds from around the home/office:

>> J Dilla – Body Movin’: This deceased DJ blends more effervescent soundscapes than DJ Shadow. Stevie D has been onto Dilla for years. Where’ve I been?

>> The Kinks – Brainwashed: An exquisite diss and one of those rare times where horns totally work for me. Wait for the break down at 1:30.

>> R.E.M – Letter Never Sent: A gem cassette copy of Reckoning has me questioning whether, before now, I actually heard the band. The “rich, deeply textured voice” of Michael Stipe (mentioned here in passing) is, like, the fourth best thing about this song.

>> John Vanderslice – Fetal Horse: Where to for a weekend getaway? You got it: Omaha. The Vanderslice/Mountain Goats show on 5/30 was the impetus for the trip, but we really just needed some action on the calendar. I’m past my crecendo of appreciation for either act—but in a new city, in the right club, when yer date’s a fan too, it could be a ball.

>> Yoko Ono — Why: I gladly put up with five minutes of Yoko’s keening for 45 seconds of John’s guitar freakout.

>> If you forged your sense of official mistrust 20 years ago, then here’s what I want you all to do for me.

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