Read, heard, said

Turns out Harry Allen a/k/a “the Media Assassin,” doesn’t just lurk around the PE water cooler like Professor Griff, but is, in fact, out there assassinating media ignorance. A short essay on racism in the new Old Navy commercial that white people probably can’t see.

Why my local dry cleaner rocks (not only because it’s staffed by teenagers using pre-1970’s technology).

I avoid blogging about creative/media/advertising work, but this social networking application by Zeus Jones suggests what can happen when smart ad people divert their energy from helping us to consume more, like to enter a contest.

A well-worn technique hits sardonic new heights: The Nietzsche Family Circus. (Thanks, Sytsma)

The only weather site I will ever need.

  1. Bryn said:

    apparently, it’s fucking 39 F here. where do you find these sites????

  2. Rachel said:

    Zeus Jones is my friend Christian’s company!

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