Unreliable narrator

My days feel as predictable as the tides lately, which may account for the spottiness of my blog posts. After one year, the Abstract Archive has a boom-and-bust cycle that I’d like to even out. But potty training and Scrabble just aren’t inspiring much exposition.

So I record the little things. Like many online, bacon is not far from my thoughts. Scrounging for day-old discounts at a gourmet grocery store this weekend, I found condiments telling me “Everything should taste like bacon,” (and it’s seasoning your favorite website, too). I’ve got a promising illustration going for our friend Rachel’s new blog, Entangled Bank, about evolutionary biology and related topics. There’s a half-completed stained glass piece in my basement workshop (I’m doing a pretzel motif—is anyone else seeing suggestive imagery and layered meaning in knotted bread? No? Well just wait). We had a delightful first encounter with little Lola Plum in Des Moines, worthy of a few posted pics later this week.

I leave you with three trips down the YouTube rabbithole courtesy of Kelly P. 1) EvilNine f. Aesop Rock; 2) Bonnie “Prince” Billy (who I’m fortunate to have a ticket to see this month at the Walker Art Center); 3) Butteryass Mondays L.A. tour.

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