Ice Capades

The snow’s melting here, revealing last year’s litter in gritty bas relief. The pretty part of the season may have passed, but we were all over it.


In the -10° range, you don’t linger long on the icy crust around Lake Superior.


Polar explorer #1 Lucas Alm demonstrates the weakness of gravity at these temperatures.


We did our usual log cabin weekend near Ely, same as last year, this time with intrepid ice-lovers Isobel, Lucas and Jenney. This is 5-year-old Isobel trekking across Sand Lake in winds stiff enough to topple a snowmobiler.


Polar explorers #3 (Jake) and #2 (Isobel) pose with a giant ice cube someone left on the lake.


Back at the cabin, we warm up around the wood stove with popcorn…


… and let the hot dice roll. You’ve never seen so many Yahtzees.


Don’t care for the cold? Then stay out of this outhouse, brother.


At Powderhorn Park, Rey and Johanna get dragged around in the cold for their parents’ amusement.


Their reward was Juicy Lucys (and some vintage Donkey Kong Jr.) at Caspar & Runyon’s Nook in St. Paul.


Distinguished Seattle friend and PR ninja Kady extended a business trip to kick it with us and see some sites. Thanks for staying, Kady, and No, we don’t always drink so much wine; we’re just excited to have visitors.


These ice boat races around Lake Phalen were novel. Australia won, I think.


Art Shanties on Medicine Lake were solid this year. The event has grown a lot since winter ’06 when I pitched a shanty—more inventive architecture, higher production values, hot sausages on site. Friends and fellow Weaselhawks Travis and Rollie did an awesome job on the Confession Shanty, complete with an altar and space for kneeling.


“Our sins are absolved. Can we get off the ice already?”

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