1) Soft Drink Generator: Can do

2) Fuck You, Penguin: Cute abuse

3) World country quiz: I’m not even going to say how bad I did

4) David Lee Roth soundboard: Oh God

5) Nothing Is New: Unexpected aesthetic finds


1) Marbles – Red Lights

Featured in the upcoming Brain Lapse, issue 1 (from the creators of Rock Mania)

2) MC Chris – Nrrrd Grrrl

Found on the eye-searing WACTAC blog

3) Mountain Goats – No Children

A meditation on love and loathing

4) T. Rex – Baby Boomerang

Dedicated to Lola Plum (dob 1/11/09)



Jorge, Jenna and the 100-minute layover in Minneapolis.


Upstairs-downstairs at the Stevens-Alms


Iowans Without Borders, Ben Graeber and Julia Graber (not related).


Learning to Skype with our correspondents in Lake Oswego, OR.

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