It’s 9:30 Christmas morning and we’ve already lapped the emotional track: elation, surprise, appreciation, mild embarassment, then weariness. We’re slowly building to enjoyment again: doing the puzzles, soaking up the books and music, pouring back that third cup of coffee. The blinds are open now and the smell of crepes is wafting from the kitchen.


Alongside Santa’s cookies, we left out a gargantuan carrot for the reindeer (nibbles offer proof of their visit). Johanna sports her flashy new Chinese windbreaker.


Ready to rip.


It’s been years since I got an ornament with my name on it (Thanks, Doris!).


Another winner from the dependably awesome Fairy Godmother Sheila, quite possibly our favorite human.


An embarassment of riches: Chinese silk scarves, Matchbox cars and red patent leather shoes.


With a small mountain left under the tree, Johanna has issued a firm “No” to opening additional gifts (give it an hour or two).

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