Parting shots

There’s much to finish up before I fly away, but I’m stalling with miscellaneous media uploads and notes for yous:

Johanna doing her stool routine (I won’t bother explaining how this reminds me of Standard Operating Procedure, which we watched this week).

That Lyndale rose garden in Southwest Minneapolis—that’s good roses.

Bites into it. Throws it on the ground. Laughs. And runs away.

This is what happens when you leave in braids for two days.

Mama rocks the homemade pretzels.

We hit that farmers market by the Guthrie last Sunday while grabbing Sarah’s ticket to see LHOTP.

A glass gift for a fellow Iowan (from a design I’ve done once before) on his 34th birthday. To be gifted in China.

The Apple Peelers from Jake, Sarah & Johanna on Vimeo.

OK, outta time! Ta-ta til November.

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