Live from the couch

Hunkering down at this moment for two hours of political soap opera; Frontline’s quadrennial dramatization of The Choice is gripping (though who hasn’t made theirs already?). They’re leading with strong stuff: Obama’s 2004 speech at the DNC—the audacity of hope, people bawling, “it’s like watching Tiger Woods.”

McCain, joylessly determined, blindsided by Rove in South Carolina in 2000. Watching him endorse Bush through gritted teeth induces cringing on both sides of the couch. Wishing I could hear more Gingrich analysis, to my surprise. Is it just me, or does McCain 08 lack even a shred of charisma? Even his smiles are mean.

Rolling Stone stoner-reporter relates Obama’s early impressions of the senate: “Shoot. Me. Now.” Talking heads with jokey names—Butts, Preckwinkle—narrate Obama’s triumphant Harvard days and failed Congressional bid (I didn’t know about that bit).

McCain pressing Rumsfeld on war planning is righteous. All squandered now… Palin may get short shrift on Frontline, but elsewhere, they’re having a heyday:

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